High School Guidance Office

Guidance Counselor: Jordan Ashman

(Students with last names A-L)

Guidance Counselor: Marjorie McKinery

(Students with last names M-Z)

Guidance Secretary: Debbie Frisbie

Guidance Office: 589-7144



One of the most important factors in student success is attendance. Our expectation at Spencer - Van Etten High School is that all students will regularly attend classes. The school hours are as follows:

Monday - Thursday: 8:05 AM - 2:56 PM

Monday - Thursday: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Detention/Homework Assistance
              (Mandatory if Assigned)

Friday: 8:05 AM - 2:56 PM

Students who have no attendance issues will be permitted to ride the bus home at 3:00 PM. In addition, regular class attendance is one of the key factors considered when awarding the C-Pass, which provides students with greater freedom in the school during their free time.

For students who are late to class unexcused 5 times during a 10 week period (all classes combined) or who have an unexcused absence from class, a 3:00 detention will be assigned. Failure to attend 3:00 detention will result in a full day of In-School Suspension the following day. If a student is absent from any one class 10 times during the school year, the school will request a parent conference to discuss developing a plan for more regular attendance.

Students may not sign themselves either in or out of school without parent/guardian permission. This includes students who are 18 or older. If your child will be leaving school early or arriving late because of a doctor's appointment, please bring a note from the doctor with the date/time of the appointment listed. This is a common requirement, so all doctor offices are prepared to accommodate the request for a note.


Full Day Absences

In order to be more proactive in improving student attendance, we will be handling full-day absences differently in the 2015-2016 school year. If your child is absent for a full day, you should call the Attendance Office (589-7144) to alert us.

Excused absences from school are as follows:

  1. student illness
  2. illness or death in the student's family
  3. late bus arrival due to unsafe travel conditions
  4. religious observance
  5. appointment with a physician or other health care provider when appointments can not be scheduled beyond the school day (note from doctor required)
  6. medical quarantine of the student
  7. required court appearance by the student or other legal matters
  8. college visit with prior approval of the administration
  9. school-related activities (field trip, presentation/competition of another school, etc.)
  10. academic examination
  11. family/school crisis
  12. any other absence excused at the discretion of the Superintendent


Spencer-Van Etten
Central School District

16 Dartts Crossroad
Spencer, NY 14883


Office Hours:  8am-4pm

Dr. Joseph Morgan
Superintendent of Schools

(607) 589-7100

Laurie Cooper
Secretary to the Superintendent,
District Clerk,
Records Retention Officer


Jane St. Amour-Bradley
School Business Executive


Anne Frisbie
Purchasing Agent,
Benefits Coordinator


Jennifer Swayze
Public Information Coordinator


Jack Wiiki
Chief Information Officer


Christina Lampila
CSE Chairperson