Spencer-Van Etten Pre-Kindergarten

Our district has two preschool programs, EPK and UPK. EPK is Early Pre-K for three year olds and UPK is Universal Pre-K for four year olds. Both programs operate five (5) full days a week following the Elementary School schedule. Each program is grant funded.

Our Philosophy and Curriculum

Young children learn best when they are provided with meaningful instructional that builds upon and connects to their previous experiences in their everyday life. A developmentally appropriate curriculum is provided to students which aligns to the common core learning standards found in preceding years.

A Typical Day in Pre-K

The day begins with calendar time and a morning meeting. Children then move into centers for the lesson of the day. As centers are setup around the room, children will learn how to problem solve, experiment, go through social situations. Each center has a learning/playing goal and general skills to help children to learn and develop through these experiences. These centers would include: social-emotional, physical, and language development, early literacy and math, science, technology, social studies, health and safety and art appreciation. Open choice time and specials are interspersed throughout the week. Specials include art, music, physical education, computer lab and library. Afternoons allow choice time, recess and nap time before their journey home. 

Registration Process

To be eligible for the EPK program, your child must turn 3 before December 1st. 

To be eligible for the UPK program, your child must turn 4 before December 1st. 

To be eligible for the Kindergarten program, your child must turn 5 before December 1st.

* Both preschool programs have a limited enrollment capacity. Just a reminder, transportation is not available to Pre-K students.