Student Registration

Registering/Enrolling Children for School
We accept new students throughout the school year. To begin registering your child(ren) in the Spencer-Van Etten School District, you must first submit two (2) proof of residency forms to the Registrar Yvonne Knickerbocker (see below for examples we accept). Once that has been completed; you will receive a secure online link to begin the pre-registration process which will help expedite the procedure. 

NOTE: You must physically reside within the Spencer-Van Etten School District BEFORE you begin the online registration process. Once you begin the online pre-registration process, you have 30 calendar days to complete it for each child. If you fail to complete the pre-registration(s) within 30 calendar days of starting, the forms will be deleted, and you will have to start from the beginning.

The following information is an overview of the registration process:

Step 1: Complete Pre-Registration Application
Student demographic information and contacts: A link will be emailed to you after we receive the two (2) required proof of residency forms. We have created a step-by-step guide that will help walk you through each screen of the pre-registration process.

Step 2: Complete Registration Forms
You will receive a separate email for each child you are registering containing documents that will need to be filled out and digitally signed. These documents can be completed online. After filling out each form and electronically signing them your documents can be returned to us online.

Step 3: Required documentation
You may scan and email the following documentation to the Registrar to complete your registration. 

To register a child for school, we must have the following documents:

  • Original birth certificate (certified copy from registrar in the municipality where the child was born).  

  • Up-to-date record of immunizations. 

  • **Two forms of proof of residency within the district. We accept the following forms of proof:

    • Driver's license or state ID with photo and current address showing

    • Bank contract or mortgage agreement showing purchase of home with name and address 

    • Most recent utility bill (NYSEG, land-line phone, cable) 

    • Signed rent or lease agreement 
      If the purchase of a home is in progress, we will temporarily accept a letter from a realtor with confirmed closing date of the purchase of a home in the district, with no contingencies such as sale being contingent on selling another home. 

  • If the child's parents are not residing together, we require custody papers stating which parent has physical and legal custody and any other legal decisions regarding the child.

Click Here For Additional Student Registration Information

Children who are five years old on or before December 1 of the school year may be registered for Kindergarten. Registration opens July 1 and is online.

The district has a grant-funded Pre-Kindergarten program. To be eligible for Early Pre-K (EPK), the student must be three years old on or before December 1 of that year. To be eligible for Universal Pre-K (UPK), the student must be four years old on or before December 1 of that year. For EPK and UPK, the family must live in the Spencer-Van Etten School District. If the child is age-eligible for kindergarten (five years old on or before December 1 of that year), the state does not allow the child to be in pre-kindergarten.

The grant allows a limited number of spots, so we use a lottery system to determine which children are enrolled in the program. Registration forms and all supporting documents must be submitted by March 10 to be entered into the lottery. The district will draw names to determine who will be enrolled. If the program is full, the district will keep a waiting list. Parents are advised that if for some reason the state does not continue pre-k funding, the district will not be able to provide the program.

Click here for the Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten registration packet for 2024/25.

Transferring from Another School
If you are moving into the district and have school-aged children, you may register your children as soon as you have established residency and have the required documents, including proof of residency. The district can request the child's information from the previous school.** The following will not be accepted as proof of residency:
Checkbook, Car Insurance Cards, Cell Phone Bills, Etc…

Non-Resident Student
Must complete Non-Resident Admission Application and Registration Packet.
After review and decision by Building Administrator and Superintendent, parent will be informed of decision. All remaining forms must be completed prior to enrollment.
Non-Resident Students will be charged tuition.
Non-Resident Students are not eligible for Pre-K programs, must be a district resident to apply.

Home School
Click here for the Home School Handbook
Letter of intent for Home Schooling can be sent to 16 Dartts Crossroad, Spencer, NY 14883 or email Please include student(s) name, date of birth and grade.