HS Student Services

School Counseling Program

Vision: All Spencer- Van Etten students are college and career ready, utilizing their own personal skills, talents and interests to achieve their future aspirations. Spencer-Van Etten students have compassion and understanding for self and others and the ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Upon graduation, all students have fostered a growth mindset that enables them to develop in all areas of intelligence and remain lifelong learners.

Mission: The Spencer – Van Etten school counseling team will provide a comprehensive, research based and data driven program that is accessible to all students. The content provided promotes pride, inspires growth and fosters innovation in all students. The counseling program cultivates creative, problem solving and future-ready citizens through rich experiences, meaningful connections and positive relationships. There is a shared collaborative goal to provide all students with the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.

School Counselor: Erica Sparks
(Students with last names A-K)

School Counselor: Marjorie McKinery
(Students with last names L-Z)

School Counseling Secretary: Tammy VanDerpoel
Counseling Office: 589-7144