School Board Recognition Week

October 16-20, 2023



For more information, contact: Barbara J. Case, Superintendent of Schools


School Board Recognition Week set for October 16-20, 2023.


(Spencer) — The New York State School Boards Association recognizes October 16-20, 2023, as School Board Recognition Week.  This is a time to promote awareness and understanding of the important work performed by local school boards.  Public schools form the bedrock of our communities and our country. Democracy thrives with educated citizens capable of critical thinking and civil discourse.  It is our local school boards who are ultimately responsible for student success.


“The Board of Education of the Spencer-Van Etten Central School District is committed to providing the necessary resources and opportunities for students and employees to grow as learners.  They encourage community partnerships, thereby strengthening our ability to better serve our students and families,” said Barbara J. Case, Superintendent of Schools.  “They make difficult decisions every month and spend much time familiarizing themselves with educational issues and updated regulations in order to provide the level of accountability our community stakeholders expect.”


Case said the key work of the Spencer-Van Etten Central School District’s Board of Education is to raise student achievement by:


  • developing a shared vision and goals for the district through the district’s Blueprint for Excellence Strategic Plan.
  • ensuring resources, policies, and programs align with district goals.
  • assessing and providing accountability for student achievement.
  • encouraging social, emotional, and physical wellness within our school community.
  • evaluating the superintendent to ensure continuous improvement.
  • recognizing and valuing the efforts of employees for continued improvement within the district.


“School board members give the Spencer-Van Etten citizens a voice in educational decision-making, and they do so by listening and encouraging open communication, while still empowering and trusting teachers and leaders to create a positive educational environment that welcomes all,” Case said.


The members serving the Spencer-Van Etten Central School District include President Don Johnson, Vice President Sean Vallely, Peter Johanns, Karen Johnson, Donna Mistler, Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman, and Rick Rogers.