Peer Tutor Training

Our high school has trained a new cohort of peer tutors. These students provide FREE tutoring to other Spencer-Van Etten students in any grade (K-12). 

Spencer-Van Etten students are chosen and hired as peer tutors to provide individual and small group assistance with academic and social emotional learning, support students in improving their academic achievement by sharing subject knowledge, giving supplemental help, providing study skills, serving as a role model and demonstrating techniques, strategies, attitudes and beliefs that successful learners utilize as they learn, problem solve and complete assignments.  

Tutoring can take place after school or during the school day (if the tutor’s schedule allows). Zoom sessions may be offered in the evening if there is a need. Parents, teachers or students themselves may request tutoring.

To schedule a FREE tutoring session, please call the high school main office at (607) 589-7140, email Melissa Jewell, principal, at, or complete the online form by scanning the QR code below or visiting: